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    Some suggestions

    Well as you all know, hp lock don't really work well because if it is a 1 hit KO or the other party hits you too fast, you will still die.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> if it is client sided,
    It is probable Cheat Engine not being able to keep up with the speed ( freezing the value at 100 means
    hp left 40 -> change back to 100
    hp left 3 -> change back to 100.

    i experimented a bit, if you set hp to be negative, you can still walk around with 0 hp, if you overshoot 100, it will over lap to single digit, ( 200 becomes 2)

    so i am thinking that maybe by making a compiled exe with CE funtions, you can manually set the update speed. (e.g every 0.1 second, set hp pointer to 100)

    another way is pretty tedious, because there is no way to change your max hp, it is very hard to search for the max hp pointer. but most probably if the max hp pointer is found, you can edit the value to say 1000 and lock hp to 1000.
    or it might be server sided (packet editing...)
    some prople pointed out by locking respawn 3 secon invulnerability, it is pretty impossible to scan the decreasing value in 3 seconds and invulnerability pointer might not be 0 and 1. there might be ways such as autoing the scanning proccess but it requires a customized CE or a plugin (e.g. when you die, hit f1, multiple CE appears, CE 1 scans for floating 2 (reation time thus value will be below 3 seconds), CE 1 then ports all the pointers to CE 2, which searched for a decreased value, and ports to CE 3 and so on ) <- this might work and might not ( the game might use 54 seconds and count down to 51 seconds)

    for advanced hackers, you can try getting hit during 3 seconds invuln and record the packet, then try getting hit without 3 second invuln and record the packet. and check trace the argument to determine whether you get damage or not.

    on another note, gp and exp now server sided, editing and freezing its pointer might change on your client but not on the server. hope someone can find a way through, maybe packet editing or so.

    thanks for reading
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