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    Ok guys, ugh where to start uhmm...

    1.)Open combat arms with bypass ( don't know if bypass is neccessary)

    2.)Then open up Body Items.CT, make sure you have cheat engine installed

    3.)After that, You click Found button on the top left and search for engine.exe and click ok.

    4.) you go to hat on the bottom and look all the way to the right
    it should say Value doube click value, and edit it to 6

    5.)for the santa back pack you double click on back pack's value and change it to 5.

    6.)go in game play a game, exit, and then go back into a game.
    And you should have everything

    Credit goes to LazyCountry "The Choob" for the
    Body Items.CT

    Cheat Engine

    That is if you don't have cheat engine.

    plx dont flame :P

    You might drop if you click on body and then weapons
    just a heads up
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