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    [Release] GodMode for 10mins? or maybe longer


    k well i got to spawn sheild to last 9 mins,
    dats how long i got it to so far,

    im not going to give out the address or anything,
    but i will be teaching hackers here to extend the spawn time.
    im teaching it to you guys this way, because i dont want no leechers, sayin they found the hack and the address and dat shyt.
    but i want ppl to actualy find it,
    not jst copying the address on a site.
    i will be giving hints.
    for you guys to figure out what to do.
    so get this.
    there is no godmode,
    but there is a Delay-GodMode,
    lasts for about 10 mins for me.
    so heres the hint.

    make the game faster, and u get -
    walking/running to go faster,
    faster reload,
    faster bullets,
    well everything is faster for you, jst the things u do.
    then if you try something else?
    you will get longer _ _ _ _
    by making the game _ _ _ _ _ _
    instead of _ _ P _ N G
    because you will DC in 30seconds.
    in order to get more _ _ _ _ in the game,
    u will need to make your client _ _ _ _
    by 10 to 15 _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    to get atleast40seconds,

    PM me if u get the idea,
    and thank me too
    jst remember i helped,
    so if u make a trainer of this.
    at least add me in the credits

    sory leechers,
    i am only giving hints and helping ppl to those who PM me,
    but i will not give the easy way to get this.

    only giving out hints,
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    edit: kay well since the replys i read wer messed up.
    i'll jst tell u wat u were supose to do.

    k tapping laggs the game right?
    so is using speed hack to change the speed of the game.
    estimate how long it takes ur CE to scan.
    triple dat,
    so if it takes mhs to scan Engine.exe 10 seconds,
    add like 5seconsd bcus it takes time to switch programs.
    from Combat arms to MHS
    then triple dat and mine added up to 45seconds,
    so u have 45 seconds to do 3 scans,
    3 - 2 - 1 are the values.
    now slow down the game by ##%
    dependin on how long it takes ur CE to scan and how long it takes to switch.
    do the math ,
    cus its difrent for everyone.

    and i dont mean like, slow down the game forever for longer Spawn Invisibility.
    only slow down the game b4 u do the scan,

    eg, 1 on 1, in junk flea, with your friend,
    start the speed hack from the mhs or ce and set it,
    get ur frend to kill u
    switch, scan.
    keep getting ur frend to kill u if u didnt get the right timing
    or if u didnt get it right.
    repeat this til' u have 1 or 2 address left.
    then when you have the address,
    change the value,
    to anything,
    as much as u want.

    and if the time is longer than 10mins, ur gona lagg a little,
    like 1 second skips, every minute?

    understand it now?

    * think outside the box...
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    <3 Dave&Arun
    3 post in like 10 mins
    im a go rambo on yo ass

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    Quote Originally Posted by nighthawk3 View Post
    your dumb godmode for like 9min who cares thats like going into a game without any gunz -.-
    *sigh -
    Dude do u even noe wen the spawn invisibilty starts?, its after the loading screen, saying respawning.
    then the 3seconds after that, is your Spawn invisibilty.
    you will have guns. after u get respawn and if somone starts shooting at u,
    im pretty sure u will kill them first.
    cus u have the 3 second invisibilty
    and they dont.

    *Oh My Gah*
    Get your facts straight,
    im sure my topic was confusing, but i want ppl who read this to think outside the box and
    try to get the hack on theyr own,
    with out some dumsh*t loser giving out the address.

    and i bet everyone would love it if i just released the address huuh?
    oh even better yet,
    i'll make a trainer with super jump and the other sh*ts.

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