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    Isnt anyone tired of files with a virus in it i know some are deteced by ant virus and arent real but alot of people are post stuff

    with a virus in it or a big ass mother fucking Cookie just ask spyro its fucking horrible i had a friend who had an aimbot and a

    trainer from this site fucked up hes PC and he has to remake it doe now im helping him and if u see crusader2 pwning in game

    its me lol anyway you should all try not to post a trainer if theres a virus iin your PC etc... just letting you know The Mods and

    Dave should enforce the more then that advertising shit becasue things like this makes us look bad and who cares if other

    websites advertise we got the best hacks out not even FPcheats is doing better then us were on Top guys be careful and dont

    be an idiot and fuck with this fourm and make us ALL look bad including dave which is one of the greatest people i know lol

    MEH worn title if a Mod can rename it to Nights feelings lol
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    Just scan the dam file. no need to post a whole new thread about this

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