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    Laughing at Nexon.

    they removed the original so I found another.

    Yawn. Post all the funny things you see on Nexon's User Abuse forums here. Do not go bragging. Don't post over and over again, just edit the one you have. You can discuss it all on IRC or hear, I don't want 15 posts about one thing either, keep it long, don't just say "lol.... Message too short" I will smack you!

    Ok story about this url I put above. If you haven't read, some fag is posting a complaint to Nexon bitching about MPGH and how they should deal with Dave (the owner of the site.) Now many of the replies on this post were mostly from hackers of this site. Since I find this humorous I have posted it here. If you must know more about it read it.

    So have at her, post funny things from NEXON USER ABUSE FORUMS only here. Anything else, I will smack you. Oh and remember you can reply on IRC or on here, but don't waste space with posting lol or shit like it. Try to properly respond to it, or who knows, post about it on Nexon Forums. They don't read their Forums, just have them there for people who complain to think that their problem is going to be fixed. I myself take that as an opportunity to poke fun at those who post there. I am Glork on the forums and on CA.

    Don't spam,
    (no my sig isn't on this post, it gets annoying)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ModaFoca View Post
    i did this to ny little brother he cried but i gave him my account so its all good.
    lol nice

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