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    How to use wallhack PRO STYLE XD

    1) How to not make it obvious that you wallhack.
    (1)- Do not prefire (obvious)
    (2)- If you know someone is camping, just 1) Run past them and when they start shooting turn and kill him Run the other direction and start to panic if hes chasing you.
    (3)- Don't confidently run towards the last camper in a game.
    (4)- After you killed someone that thinks you wallhacked, say something like "Scared the crap out of me" or more dramatically, "OMGOGMOGMGOGMGMGOGM U SCARED ME!"
    (5)- When you see someone flying using wallhack, don't say anything.(obvious)
    (6)- You can forget all of these tips if the guy(s) isn't looking.
    (7)- Don't stand in one place and point you gun at a guy behind a wall because they might be hacking and It would be obvious that you hack.(suggested by lahoe91 and death1759)
    (8)- If someone catches you hacking, do some quick talking and say "I saw my team go there and die"(only if your team DOES go there and die) or say "I saw the tracer from your gun" (if he was shooting) OR if they both don't work, follow step 4.
    (suggested by Noi)

    2) How to tell if someone is wallhacking/hacking in any way.
    (1)- When you accuse the hacker, they will deny probably everything you say. (Ex. 1)haker!! 2) no 1)ya u prefired and i was behind da wall 2) i saw ur gun stikin out. (THATS SOOO LAME!) If they say something like "???" then they either saw you or someone wallhacker told him you were there.

    3) If you have no fall damage.
    (1)- When you fall down a big hole and people see that you don't get hurt, stay still (and let them kill you if it's an enemy) say "omg laggggggg".

    I posted this guide cuz im so sick of the crappy haxors who make it obvious that they hak

    Will be updated later
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    Quote Originally Posted by SomeDude123 View Post
    lol, i cham pro style

    btw soz for double post
    WTF? Dude all of your posts are fucking spam. And you knew you were gonna double post! As it doesn't say you edited your post.

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    there are no legits on this game lol

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