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    Server Packets

    Yeah, Im a newb, but not all that retarded. Since I've gotten the CE's I haven't stopped f***in' around with the game, probaly why I'm part of the recent "ban wave" (that and the whining f***ing maggots playing). I just want a little more information about this thing called a "tapper". One, is it a program that can detect the server packets that are sent to your PC?? Two, when used with a bypass like harold's (if it's needed and working since nexon's currently updating) is it detectable.
    I'm kinda stuck with the gp hack. There are hacks out there, and with using the CE's, locating and "gaining" the weapons you want is made easy, and there are also the others which aid in gaining funds farely quickly, but I kind of "just wanna just play the game". You know, not having to hack every item, when instead a purchase could be made. I can't explain my wants any further than that, I don't know, I just want the gb hack. I've spent most of last nite thinking of a way, and most of this morning tearing all the ideas apart. Anyway, I don't care about the fact that the packets could be encrypted, I just want to gain the access. Besides, after an explanation of what a tapper is, maybe there could be another new "toy" to play with.
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    A "Tapper" is basically a program that interrupts your internet connection., allowing you to roam around the map while people are frozen in place. We will call it a "lag on purpose program".
    You go stab/shoot everyone while you can move and you see tham standing still, you "untap/unlag" yourself and see that all your hits counted because technically your client actions will still be sent to the server upon reconnection.

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