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    CA is not PunkBuster.


    When you open CA look in your processes, CTRL+ALT+DELETE. Youll see punkbuster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -GOD- View Post
    no need to thank me son xD
    rofl GOD funny mother faker lmao

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    Alright alright.
    They might be seperate companies. AhnLab is a Korea-based company, Punkbuster is a US based company, but none the less, I do have punkbuster running in my Windows Task Manager's Process folder. I also downloaded and played Rising Eagle today, which might be the culprit to this program. Either way I closed/stopped the process, and I'm going to investigate further.
    --After further investigation: I opened up both games at different times ( I can't play CA because I'm waiting for a notification via email, but I couldn't start a game in Rising Eagle because it's lag is ridiculous) and checked the process in Task Manager. It's not there. I don't what to say besides that it's more than likely from Rising Eagle, because I didn't even install CA until I read this post and went to open the game. So I installed CA and thought about when it was last run. I haven't run CA since yesterday morning (Im EST and it's 640pm here). So if you have any other games, or have played any online free-games (even the shitty time wasters like card or board games), it might be from them. I also installed and attempted to play Manigobi or whatever the fuck it's called from Nexon. I can't remember if thats all of them, since I was searching for a new game to waste my time with till I find a new job. I wish I could help you out more, but I know it wasn't CA since I have had to restart my computer today, and do a "cold" shut-down (Press and hold the power button outta frustration). If you find out, post or message me. Thanks in advance <--That line is gettin' real tiresome to read. Please, don't fuckin' message me.
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