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    Can I?

    I was exploring the depths of the CA folder in my computer, when I came across the Player file in the Profiles folder(C:Nexon/CombatArms/Profiles/Player). Is it possible to change the numbers in there to give a different result in the game? Like change the run speed to a higher number, thus run faster?
    I'm just wondering, if it's not possible, please no hateful comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dkzeria View Post
    Close thread~ This is common sense actually, y would nexon leave a notepad that would change the game out there in your CA folder? -.-
    yea I know im a choob but before bashing on me for that reason I actually would see that as a good Idea cause honestly while hacking/cracking a game what is your first instinct? to go after text files? or to mess with dll's and exe's or memory editing via CE or MHS or whatever memory editor you use or even packets me personally I go for the latter 3 rarely would I ever look at a text file in a game to edit it usually they just hold the option configurations of a game or useless data that you cant edit

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