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    Wrong section, I know, Just want a quick answer and I'll close the thread.

    I've been getting kind of bored of CA. I'm looking for a new game to play. Preferably an MMO (because I can admit to not being good at FPS's).

    I want the game to be kinda in between super-complicated and kidish

    (so no Maple but no super complicated games)

    I would also only be playing free games ALTHOUGH, if you could tell me how much WoW is a month and how you would rate it would be helpful.

    EDIT!!!!: Also, I want a game where its pretty populated. Not as much as Maple was for example, but more than 2000 people on at a time, lol
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    if you like racing stuff, check out Project Torque by Aeria Games. It's free. It's got CTF, Drag, Drift, etc. Playing CTF with cars is fun as hell.

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