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    Combat Arms Chams WITH ENEMY NAMETAGS!!!, 1 Step [Working of September 1, 20

    This a Free Combat Arms Chams hack with name tags, or in other words a Free Combat Arms hack that lets you see through walls and see the enemy names!!!!! This only takes 1 step to setup and is working as of September 1, 2008.

    1. All you have to do is download the .zip file at the bottom of this post. (You must be a registered member, registration is free!)

    2. Then, extract and run the hack. (You must run the hack every time you want to use it)

    You run the hack BEFORE you start combat arms, press ok, THEN run Combat Arms. Also, you may need to right click and run the hack as administrator.

    3. Run Combat Arms and it will turn on by itself, no buttons / alt+tab!

    The only way to turn this off is to restart Combat Arms. Use Uni-Extract if Win Rar is not working Blargh I Advertised. Don't Click Me!. Some people have also gotten this to work by reinstalling Combat Arms to somewhere other then Program Files.

    Thats it!! You don't even have to worry about Hack Shield!!

    Blue means that the target will take damage if shot at or is not behind anything. Green means that there is something between you and the target like a wall.



    very sorry i am just sprading the hack to the people.

    ~I take no credit in the making of this hack~Thanks go to Stride~
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    wow u hoe...
    this was out like 2 or 3 weeks ago.
    u just friggin leeched it here for all the choobs to get a piece of it.

    ***THINKS: Pretty sure he did it for the lust of the fame,
    so people can thank him and remember his name.
    he cant even keep a simple game,


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    Ok, I have heard enough. He advertised, leeched, didn't give credit, wasn't very clear = EPIC FAIL! Now I'm going to ban him for advertising, close this thread, I removed the url and replaced it with a meatspin site so I wouldn't click it. I'll come back to clean up spam, so if you spammed here, you might lose your post.

    Only being kept undeleted because it's considered a good hack, and might teach some people a lesson on leeching. Although, it will be closed.
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    Stop flaming each other, it helps no one, and causes a step backwards rather than a step forwards.

    Read the rules before you decide to voice your opinion.

    Check your Grammar/Spelling/Facts before typing, otherwise I or another member will do it for you. And that just makes you look stupid.

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