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    How to fix Strife's hack

    It's 9/11/08.

    This is what me and my friend did to get the hack to work,

    first, go into your combat arms folder which should be ''C:\Nexon\Combat Arms'' for most people

    second, go into your HShield folder and delete the Update folder.

    third, click on strife's hack BUT DONT PRESS OK.

    fourth, open CA, dont press start yet.

    Heres where it kinda gets tricky, Click on game start but get ready to press the ''Enter'' key right after the Combat arms startup disappears.

    It might take awhile to load, so just be patient.
    When an error message pops up, ignore it, but don't exit out of it or anything. leave it up. combat arms will eventually go back up and then you can start playing.

    You have to delete your Update folder everytime you start the hack again.

    Congradulations, you are now in game!

    Credits to ArbritraryDrone and skool who beat me to it xD
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    This worked for me yesterday I opened ca and the hack, game start click ok the hshield disapeared took around 15 secs to load then got a Engine.Exe Application Error of course I left it alone. Today when I tried that method and the new methods none work Yeah I do use vista, And everytime Ca crashes I cannot open any application file and I have to restart comp which is annoying.

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    I'm sorry.
    But there are a lot of threads open on how to do it.
    They are just about the same as yours.
    There was no reason to make another thread.


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