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    Easy Speed Hack

    Probably everyone knows how to use speed gear 6.0 to speed up combat arms and get an easy speed hack. But, better yet, use a registered version of version 5.0 and you can use it till its patched.

    Download speed gear 5.0 at : Thank you for downloading Speed Gear from

    Install it

    since everyone thinks i leeched and its been posted a load, get the registration info urself unless you decide otherwise.

    set the speed while ca is running and ur good

    Tip : Crouch while walking to smooth the action.

    Leeching : being a leech or leecher refers to the practice of benefiting, usually deliberately, from others' information or effort but not offering anything in return, or only token offerings in an attempt to avoid being called a leech.

    I didn't even take credit.
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    there is like 10 threads on this

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