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    turn around, im behind u!

    [NEW] Full Version of Fraps Released

    The one that niks uploaded has a trojan horse. This one is fine, and works, I couldn't get niks to work so I'm uploading one of my own.

    Thank me(click the button) if this worked for you.

    LINK: **********: Easy Filehosting

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    kendosis (10-22-2008),stonecreek (10-24-2008)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SEGnosis View Post
    Fraps rarely works with me

    also when i put my cracked fraps on file sharing i got alot of trouble
    lol like **********? you'd be suprised the amount of hacked software and keygens i work with daily, being a mod at a software site(site for cracked programs ect.)

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