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    Exclamation Failed to Inject. This will work!!!

    OK the main problem is going to be your anti-virus software, since the program contains a FAKE virus, your virus software will keep the program from running by simply stopping it.
    Try the following steps to resolve this

    1. Try running the hack as Admin.
    2. Ctrl+Alt+Del, Disable/stop everything that has to do with your virus software.
    3. If 2. does not work try uninstalling your virus software.
    4. Vista, Start>Search>MSCONFIG>Services>Uncheck your Virus Software, and press OK. (to re-enable simply repeat but recheck), then do step 2.
    5. If this does still not work check with some of the creators of the Hack.

    For all of those out there not using AVG Free i highly recommend it.. because its free, and its one of the best (You also have to uninstall this every time to use hack quite a hassle, but its worth it since it takes like no time.)

    To download AVG Free: AVG Free - Download installation files & documentation

    Hope this helps all of you out there.
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    good job on the tip didnt happen to me but thanks

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