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    PATCH EXTEND! + Patch Notes

    The patch has been extended for one hour.
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    The patch for Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 has been extended for approximately an additional hour (a total of 4 hours).

    The patch is now scheduled to end at approximately 1:30pm PDT.

    Combat Arms Server Maintenance Details:

    -- Servers: All Game Servers

    -- Time: Wednesday, October 29th, 9:00am ~ 1:30pm PDT

    Thanks for your understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.
    Halloween is just a few days away! Celebrate it in COMBAT ARMS with Halloween Event Gear available only for a limited time!

    Happy Fraggin' Halloween!

    COMBAT ARMS is holding its first in-game event so you can frag your compatriots in the spirit of Halloween! The following GP items will be available to all players from 10/29 through 11/12:

    -- Pumpkin Head Helmet
    -- Coffin Backpack

    Please note that even though these items can only be initially bought during this time, their use can extended normally past the event time as long as your item is still active (as with all items). So if you really want, you can keep your Halloween event items active through Christmas and beyond, as long as you can afford the upkeep

    New Standard Gear

    -- G.I. Shovel (unlocked at Sergeant rank*) -- Brain your enemies with this new GP melee weapon! (This weapon performs similarly to the Machete, with slow but more powerful swings.)
    -- Bonehead Helmet (unlocked at 2nd Lieutenant 5 rank) -- A fearsome metal skull helm for only the most elite mercenaries!

    New NX Gear

    -- M4A1 Desert Warrior (cosmetic variant of the base M4A1)
    -- Trishot Holosight Modification for the AR, SMG, or Pistol (cosmetic variant of the regular ACOG sight)
    -- Skull Mask (Flames) (unlocked at Sergeant rank)
    -- Skull Mask (Jaws) (unlocked at Sergeant rank)
    -- Skull Mask (Smiley) (unlocked at Sergeant rank)
    -- Skull Mask (Silver) (unlocked at Sergeant rank)

    Bounty Hunter Game Mode

    The Bounty Hunter Game Mode will unfortunately not be available in this update, and has been delayed until the 11/12 update for additional development and testing. We're looking to improve the game mode and make it more challenging for all players. Get ready to frag your friends and foes to earn additional GP in two more weeks!

    Upcoming COMBAT ARMS Promotion with 7-Eleven Stores

    We will be announcing details on a new promotion with 7-11 stores and Nexon Games very soon. For this promotion, you will be able to get special codes from 7-11 Slurpees for in-game items! We hope you're thirsty!

    Other Updates & Changes

    -- Game starting issues have been resolved.
    -- The Waverider tower map glitch has been fixed.
    -- Clan chat has been fixed.
    -- The MAC-10 Extended Magazine glitch has been fixed.
    -- Explosive will no longer explode as soon as they come in contact with the water.

    * NOTE: We are aware that currently in-game, the G.I. Shovel does not have the Sergeant unlock requirement that it should. This will be fixed in the next patch... so if you don't have the rank, enjoy it while you can
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    4:30 eastern time.... =(

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    finally it's over..

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