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    Hack Problem??? Read Here if you have HACK PROBLEMS!

    Hey people, you have problems with hacks and you got errors? Well, I hope all the answers you need are here! I know other people tried to help but I'll help you out. (Read it carefully)

    You must have d3dx9_35.dll and d3dx9_39 in your Combat Arms folder. It should be in C:\Nexon\Combat Arms

    Make sure you have any other hacks deleted out of your Combat Arms folder.

    Download the MPGH Hack and unzip to Desktop then click Settings and put in your Login Information in.

    Go to C:\Nexon\Combat Arms and replace EndingBanner.exe and click Yes

    Then go to C:\Nexon\Combat Arms\mss and place settings & MCAPUBHACK NA.asi in there. Then your ready to play!

    Well I hope this tutorial helps for people who can't get it to work... Somebody should make this a sticky since people can't get it to work right.
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