1. Problem: You are not being able to download the hack.

Solutions: If you are downloading the Zip version and it won't you download, try downloading the Rar and the same thing the other way around.
Also it depends what you are opening the file with if you have WinRar you can use the Rar download, same thing the other way around

2. Problem: You keep getting d/ced.

Solutions: This is the most hated problem ever, but there are 2 ways to fix it! First of all use a stronger bypass.
But that will only last u a little while longer, so you can redownload combat arms and put all your hacks back in the folder then start combat arms.
When you do this only put mpgh hack in not any other!
Or d/cing will start again.

3. Problem: Could not inject Dll

Solutions: There are a couple of reasons but the first one is a question.
Do you have all the mpgh files in your combat arms folder? You need all the files no extra no less.
If you do have it in and you're still getting The Dll notice then try deleting you mpgh file, then redownloading it again.

4. Problem: Won't even start combat arms!

Solutions: First of all you can't have other hacks in with your mpgh or that screws up the proccess i mean dont trust other sights this one is the most reliable.
If you have taken the other hacks out and it is still not running well u have to do the boring stuff witch is redownload combat arms and put the hacks back in.

Thank you for visiting and if you have any questions, or i missed something tell me i will put it in!