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    VIP vs Pub

    What's the point in paying for hacks that WILL get you banned....There's no way to be discret about using OPK, God Mode, Fly, Wallhack, ETC.

    IMO >>> Free Pub Hacks is the way to go, gives you an advantage over other players, and allows you to play in a way you can be discret about it...most people with hacks get banned, with guess what...SCREENSHOTS of your get banned more for being reported than the actual detection of the hacks themselves....

    Sorry, just thought I'd voice my opinion about VIP Hacks...why be so insanely OP that you easily get banned...I like to have an advantage...but still be able to get killed ...still makes the game fun...that and the hacks you get in Pub are just fine to me...makes Combat Arms like Halo, in halo you don't have recoil...spread...or wacky with the free hacks it just makes the game like halo, which, way better than CA...but I don't have an XBOX atm...mine broke

    I made a comp out of the Old thought hey....I'll try to salvage some of the parts from a's a little more advanced>>if you was harder to try to salvage parts for a PC....only things I could salvage were the HD, Disc Drive, and Fans....the board, because of the way it was made...couldn't be put into an ATX Case....probably common sense...but I'm dumb at times :s

    The old XBOX's, you could use the board in a PC
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