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    Stop Advertising MPGH With [GM] Nexon

    Do you realize how idiotic it is? You are giving the programmers of the game the site that you got the hack off of. They are going to go to and dl the hack, inspect it, and then patch it again. Why make it easier for them?

    It's like blackmailing the world with a virus ( while you already have the anit-virus of course), then telling them what genes to split in order to get the antivirus. Rendering your whole plan pointless.

    Stop telling everyone where to get the hacks you idiots.

    Not to mention the fact that more noobs are going to have the hack because you made it 10x easier for them to find it, thus making it pointless to have a hack anyways. Because if everyone has a hack, then you having the hack gives you no advantage.

    So lets not all be completely retarded by spamming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GladiatorLD View Post
    Selfish? I think not. This is the point I'm trying to make:

    What is the point of having the spamming? Does it serve any useful purpose? What good does it do anyone?

    It may not be good for you, but look at how many users come here.

    And if Dave (not you) didnt make this site for the users enjoyment, then what other purpose does this site serve, other than to make whatever amount of money he makes from VIP and what not. And eventually, if the users aren't being satisfied, Dave will eventually start to lose money because those users will move to other sites. Basic business practice that the customer comes first. Even you should know that.

    You AREN'T a customer. You and all the free users should be grateful you even get a hack. The public hack is just another plan to get more people to buy VIP. Yes, customers do come first, which is why the vip hack has less bugs and more options. Btw, the vip hack gives you the option to turn off the spambot.

    And to address the selfish issue..
    Its not being selfish, it's common sense. If everyone has the hack, then having the hack would be pointless. Everyone would be able to wallhack and cham and weapon hack, thus canceling out the effectiveness of the hack. It would give you no advantage over the other players.

    If everyone is using basic hacks, then people will buy VIP hacks. Pretty obvious...

    And then eventually you will have the dominoe effect. The honest players of CA that refuse to DL the hack (even though they know its out there and where to find it) will have to succumb to the fact that they cant win without the hacks because so many other people are hacking. Thus, everyone in the game hacks, thus making it useless to have a hack in the first place.

    As I said before, we don't care about what happens to CA as long as we get money.
    My answers are in bold. In all, we're not moved by anyone's tragic "I GOT CAUGHT HAXING PL0X REMOVE SPAMX0R." You and all the other free members will help us make money whether you want to or not. Money is all we need, nothing else is needed.
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    i don't feel like arguing....

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