Poll: Are People Yelling at you the sec you start playing CA?

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    Do ppl yell at you when you start game play?

    Are people noticing when you start to play Combat Arms and yelling at you????

    I am not asking to have the AD'S turned off!!! but delayed about 1 min after joining the game!
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    listen,VIP's..i understand your saying pay for spam to get off..for me its just a bonus if i would..id really like god mode

    ANYWAYZ..the thing is if ppl leave here theyll be going to ur rivals..the rivals will flame all ur threads
    and btw..ive already told the entire buddylist on AIM about u guys >.> they said they love it but some have tried *** and stickin to it and some said they not goin in till spam is done w/...

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