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    Post Combat Arms Hack (How To)

    People have been wondering how it works :

    The Download thingy : 2_22_08_a.html

    You keep DC-ing for no reason right?

    Solution :

    Okay,I've been using this like for 2 days.

    It works well with anything,Speed Gear with MPGH Public hack.

    You better try it cause it's HOT and GODLY lol.

    Own some noobs with this MPGH hacks!!

    Credits to MPGH Admin for doing the hacks

    And -XpliCiit- + her/his friends for doing the Disconnection X.


    Edit : Uhmm,After you stop playing Combat Arms then tomorrow you wanna play but have error.
    Go to /C:Nexon/CombatArms/HShield

    Then,Double Click Update 2.Drag all the stuff inside the Update2 into HShield or whatever.

    After you do that start CA,Go into the login.

    Dont LOG IN YET!

    Alt+Tab or whatever Hotkeys you use to minimize Combat Arms

    Double click the Disconnection X

    Start whatever drive you using

    Say THANKS when it helped
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