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    !!!!{~Look Here For Answers To Many Problems~}!!!!

    Here Im Going to Show you How to Fix Many Common D/C Problems (I didn't create these D/C "fixers"so I am not Taking Credit For Them..

    Problem No.1-
    The instruction at "0x010e1391" referenced memory at "0x010e1391" the memory could not be "read".
    It Means You Have An Corrupted Folder; Diagnosis: Uninstall Combat Arms (which will also uninstall the hacks), Just to be secure run an virus scan. Once that is complete re-install Combat Arms and and MPGH hacks ( make sure you follow the instructions PROPERLY lol) This issue should now be fixed.

    Problem No.2-
    "The Connection to The Server Has Ended"
    Step 1: Open Your H shield Folder. (c:\Nexon\Combat Arms is default I Believe)

    Step 2: Create A New Folder Somewhere that you will remember it, And name it whatever you want.

    Step 3: Open Combat Arms But DON'T log in.Now Alt+Tab Back to your H shield folder.

    Step 4: Now Drag all files except 3N.mhe, v3warpns.v3d, v3warpds.v3d leave those 3 files in your H shield folder, but drag all other files into the file you made earlier.

    Now Alt+Tab or w/e back into Combat Arms and you will no longer see the message "The Connection To The Server Has Ended."

    Fail to update protection modules! - ErrorCode [0x00000002]
    This error generally means an folder is missing (99% chance it will be in your H shield folder lol)

    You Can easily fix this by reinstalling Dave's hack there is an easy to follow guide listed below :

    Just an Few Quick Points..

    You Bought Vip But Dont Have Any VIP Priveleges Yet?
    Log In to PayPal and Check To make Sure The Payment has cleared, Also make sure You have Sufficient Funds from whichever Source you are paying with.

    You're An VIP and Have Lots Of Lagg? Then imsohoooood has an great way to fix this problem the link is below

    Lol ur an Chewb And Cant Set your Own Chams?

    Thank Me if I helped..tho please remember i didnt not create these..

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