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    hey, for what hacks ?

    man, for what u use hacks ? the game its so cool, a little lag for kill others ppl but ok, only because u make 5/30 ? im noob im game, my max score its 15/35 and ??? only for this i will make hacks for the game ? only for revenge ? the most games its only u train to be a proffesional, omg, i play this game last 1 week, and im so noob, i will not play hacks, i know if i train in 1 or 2 weeks im good,or is a month 2 moths, one day i will be good in game, and with hacks i will get banned for 2 weeks max, i will create other acc, and this never finish, thing about it, for what hacks ? i haved used very hacks, but now i thing, for what hacks ? :/ i know i will have banned in this forum but thing about it,
    sorry for my english : /

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    ummm does anyone know of a choob to english translator i can buy?

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