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    Problem With Public Combat Arms Hack...

    i downloaded and extracted the international public combat arms hack into the combat arms folder. i then edited the .ini file and typed in my MPGH login info. then i tried opening the game and thats when the problem started. the first hackshield window in the bottom right hand corner appears and loads then another hackshield window this time in the middle of the screen opens and then the screen goes black as if the game was starting. then the game window minimizes, the MPGH window appears and the game shuts down. before everything worked and now since there was a new patch download for combat arms the hacks wont work. it wont even let me open the game. can someone please help me?

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    read the feckin threads, they have been patched and another one is being worked on. Just remove then from your CA folder if you want it to run gain properly and if that doesn't work the reinstall

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