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    does a bypass work? any amatuer coders? plz help

    I know i'm really lucky to have these free hacks. I used to like CA before i knew about hacks, but once i started using them its boring for me to play CA without knowing where every1 is, killing people with no recoil...., and all that. I cant find any other hacks on the internet they're all look promising but when i look at when it was posted its like 8-7-08 and im like u gotta be fucking kidding me. Know is it true that u can still use MPGH hacks using a bypass? ive looked ova the internet and all i find r shit bypass's that dont work. i cant use T G S cause my "insert" buttons fucked up, and besides T G S sucks, the closest ive got to an actual hack is I where all the players turn white, but that dosent REALLY help it isnt like chams or wallhack. soo is there an amatuer coder out there? or does any1 know any working hacks? Soo mainly what im asking for is if there is any amatuer coders out there who have some hacks that need to be tested out lol. If not ill have to w8 till Dave finishes the other hacks (i hope he does he said on the main post he'd finish it that night...2days l8r.....)

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    break up the paragraph man. Hurts my eyes.

    Just keep waiting. I've hacked my way into bordom.

    I'm just here to help you hacking noobs.

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