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    Lightbulb [Release] Dissconnection Fixing program-Mover V4.0

    Here is the best and last of my series of movers. I have added a few features that I think are in demand. Mainly a program that does EVERYTHING for you save open and close itself. Sorry about the typo in the title.... could some wonderful mod be so kind as to...... nevermind

    This program fixes Disconnection Problems caused by using hacks w/ CA.

    New in this version is
    • a tut+faq inside the program
    • less anoying UI
    • Literally 1 click and one key press for complete run cycle (after you complete the tut for the first and only time)
    • Runs without need for alt-tabbing or minimizes in game, and automatically detects when the Hacksheild is ready to be spoofed so you can game uninterrupted.

    The new features are added to these old ones
    • Drive indipendence (put CA on any drive)
    • Path independence (CA can be located in any folder)
    • Starts Combat Arms for you
    • Easiest set up known to man
    • Foolproof directions/ui as usual

    1. Place In \Combat Arms\ Folder (the one that has CombatArms.exe in it)
    2. Run Program

    MOVER~By Groundwalker V4.0.exe

    If your computer is laggy when it comes to CA use this link
    MOVER~By Groundwalker V4.0.exe

    Both Virus Tested By *********
    (every file uploaded is automatically scanned Media Fire states this by the download link of the file)
    If you have trouble downloading, just click the download link again.....

    If there are any questions that are not answered in the program post them here in the thread and Ill check every so often.

    Please Rate this thread/thanks/add to my reputation if I helped you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by groundwalker View Post
    Look before you fucking download... this was posted freaking years ago. I left combat arms and have no intention of coming back or supporting this. It used to work, got patched and is now gathering dust.
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