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    OPK Plz??

    Alright, I need an OPK bad. The only reason I want one is to pwn OPKers when they come in my room. They are destroying my kdr. Mine should be around 2.6-3 but it's 1.22 cuz noob OPKers kepp fucking up my games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [CA]hackR View Post
    Amen. I just don't understand how "fighting fire with fire" is going to solve your problems. If you go into a room and use OPK on someone who is using it, they can simply OPK back, and it will turn into a huge OPK war.

    In the end, what will that help ? NOTHING!

    Remember, if you ever get tired of OPK'ers there's a little Red "X" at the top right corner that will help you solve the problem. (Ctrl + . and Alt + F4 also work too)

    Take your immaturity's and horrible insults somewhere else BigDixMain1, cause we're tired of it.
    Mad props, this guy speaks the truth, you need to STFU and GTFO. We don't want you here.

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