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    CombatArms Tips And Extra's Thread

    Welcome to the CombatArms Tip Thread
    If You Have Any Tips Please Put A Post In Or Pm Me And I'll Add To The Mpgh People Tips With Your Name (As Credit)

    Please.....Keep This Thread Noob Freindly

    There Are Some Tips That Are Not Mine Ask Me If You Want Me To Add Yours

    (For Newer Players)

    This is a FPS, so it is controlled with a mouse and WASD keys. The keys are customizable in the options screen. Press 6 to plant bombs in Seek-and-destroy missions, and E to defuse them, and to activate objects, or open doors.

    Press F to switch between spray and burst mode with your gun (only available with some weapons). Spray mode is represented with 5 small bullets in the bottom-right corner of your screen, and burst mode is represented with three larger bullets in the same area. With spray mode, you can simply hold the mouse button and shoot a spray of bullets. With burst mode, if you click the mouse button once, you will shoot three bullets. Click again to shoot another three bullets, useful for sniping and keeping accuracy up and recoil down.

    Press V, B, or N to access the team radio. Then press the corresponding number button to send a message to your teamates. VERY USEFUL.

    Use the 1234 keys to switch weapons. To access weapons in your backpack, simply press the button for the weapon type that corresponds to the weapon in your backpack. Ex: If you have a primary weapon in your backpack, like an assault rilfe (AR), sniper rilfe (SR), submachine gun (SMG), or machine gun (MG), press 1 till it appears in your hands.

    There are four types of weapons: Primary, secondary, melee (knives), and throwing weapons, like grenades. Weapons that are black in the shop screen are not released yet. Weapons, like armours, when bought, have a time limit, and once it is reached, the weapon should disappear. You can recharge a weapon's time limit, that is, resetting it to its full limit. Some weapons

    Weapons can be modified, through the addition of scopes, extra magazines, and silencers. Scopes allow you to snipe with your weapon, extra magazines allow more ammo to be held in one clip, and silencers make your shots quieter and somewhat more accurate by keeping recoil down, however at a cost of damage


    Crouching is an important tool in your arsenal. Crouching decreases your hit boxes, and makes your shots more accurate, so why isn't it always used? When you crouch, it is easier for your enemy to headshot you. Also, you become a stationary target. Your other choice is to "Bunny Hop". This is when you tap the spacebar and jump up and down to confuse your enemy and recieve the least damage as possible. So when do you use which? The answer is simply... it depends. A heavy vest user should use crouching more often, simply because he is slow and can take the damage, while the light vest user will do just the opposite. In knifing games, it is very useful to jump around your enemy to disorient him, then crouch right next to him and take a swing. Or, while you are jumping around, in mid-air hit the crouch button to hit the ground faster and immediatly start gaining more accuracy.


    Ok Well ive got a good combines of guns so If your going long Range make sure you have a sniper and a Scoped gun as myself i use Scar with silencer extra clip etc with military shotgun (For backup when in danger and cant reload otherwize i will die) and mines (Mines) Just you know you should use mines to surround your camping area ( I DONT MEAN SPAWN KILLING) if you hear one go off change to your close up gun and go check up on your position and reamber to listein for heartbeats


    Ok Medium range so lets say theres a folk on the bridge into the tower and your next to the box you've got a medium range gun right? (MODIFEID) ok you zoom up to this fella and run while fireing at him then u jump up onto the roof and jump off and rush to knife him if you havent killed him because your clip run out or use Military shotgun You've Gotta rush lots on medium Range


    Ok Short Range is hard for some people they pannick tomuch and jump all over the place and missing the person their aiming for just keep your focus! ok short range bacallily 1 shot and their dead kinda like Rush i perfer to use military shotgun for short range it has more power than an normal gun and plus the advantage of a normal gun you'll just run out of clips and it wont hit much thats why i use military for short range and it's a good gun


    Fast And Okay Protection
    Ok Get a Light Vest And A Helment With 35 Or 30+ Protection And You'll See Your Kinda Hard To Kill And Is Fast Great For Rush Or Knife Fights

    Slow But Good Protection
    Get A Heavy Vest And A 35+ Protection Helment This Is GREAT!! For Close Up Action Like Knife Fight But The Probleme Is That You'll Wont Be Able To Catch Up And Kill From Behind Otherwize This Is Great For Short Range Gun Method But Wont Be Great For Rush Unless Your Rushing Then Stopping Behind Buildings Etc


    If You Want To be More Protective Use The Woman Characters They Dont Have Nutt Shots Lmao And They Are Good To Have With Light Vest Etc

    AIM, point and shoot is pretty basic but I find most people do not aim correctly. Try as much as you can to keep your crosshair on your target.

    Use cover, hide behind things like barrels and boxes or whatever is around you. As you reload try to dodge enemy fire by going behind stuff.

    Strafe, don't stand still because you just make an easier target. Try to move around as much as possible while still keeping your aim steady on the target. Keep your movements random to confuse the enemy so that they cant predict your movements and kill you easier.

    Frag grenades and mines are way better then the nerve gas and incendiary grenade. Hope that when you buy that supply case you don't get that lame nerve gas grenade. What a waste of GP!

    On large maps, use your primary weapon along with a secondary sniper rifle. Use the weapon that fits the situation. To pick off people from afar, use the sniper rifle. If your near someone, use your primary weapon.

    Learn how to time your pistol shots correctly and you could be firing a semi-auto pistol like its an automatic. This takes a little time to get used too, but after you master it you will notice the difference. When playing pistol game only games, remember that pistols don't have much ammo at all. Buy a better backpack so you can carry more pistols to use whenever one runs out of ammo. The G23 and K5 are my top 2 pistols because they have very high fire rates.

    Grenades can be thrown to bounce off walls, over objects, at your feet as people chase you, around the flag, in common places people camp, in suicide missions when your out of ammo and see a group of people... get creative with grenades as they are very useful.

    Record yourself playing with video recording software like fraps, go back and study the video to look for improvements you can make in your skill.

    Study maps, get used to the ends and outs. Explore the map until you remember it very well so that you can run backward while jumping over obstacles, tossing grenades and getting headshots.

    Try out different guns and find the ones that work best for you and your playstyle. Find the best ways to make fast GP so you can buy weapons and stuff.

    Bunny hop. Bunny hop, bunny hop, bunny hop. I cannot emphasize this one enough. If you don't bunny hop, you will get your face shot off. Even if you do bunny hop, you still stand a good chance of getting your face shot off. But at least you tried.

    Get into range. Yes, the M590 has the possibility of being a one-shot kill, but that's only at close range. If you try to kill an AR user at medium or long range, you'll get laughed at and shot.

    Make sure that your shot is going to hit. The M590 is more of a "quality over quantity" weapon than assault rifles. For most long-time AR users, it will be tough to develop the precision, accuracy, and agility that the M590 requires. Actually, I've been using an M590 for a month now and I'm still working on it.

    Avoid fighting in tight areas. Yes, the M590 is a close-quarters weapon, but its hard to land a sold hit when your intended target is running in circles around you at Mach 3. Whenever you can, try to take the fight outside, then shoot your target as they run out the door.

    Get your target running straight at you. You are like the matador who tempts bulls to charge him and then sidesteps them at the last second. Except you're not a matador, you're target isn't a bull, and you're trying to blow their brains out with a shotgun instead of deftly sidestepping them. So really, you're nothing like a matador. You should probably move on to the next point now.

    Reload whenever you're not getting shot at. Hell, reload while you're getting shot at if you feel like it. One of the M590'S great draws is its ability to fire a shell mid-reload. Consequently, there's no need for a "tactical reload".

    Know your limitations. Remember, If you can't hit anyone at long range, your first few shots will probably miss just try get closer, and you can't fight in tight spaces if your going to be crazy.


    Sound is a very important tool that you should utilize to your advantage. There are plenty of times of where I missed an enemy with my shotgun, and the bullets hit next to him instead of dealing him damage, and he kept on walking completely unaware of my presence. You can also tell an enemy's position when you hear their footsteps. Whether it is on metal, wood, solid ground, etc. Learning these sounds are essential. This sound also helps determine what type of gun they are using, which is critical because you can then know the guns weakness and attack the enemy using your newfound information and reamber if you hear strange pumping sounds like a heart beat that is meaning there is an enemy nearby

    (SUPPRESSING FIRE)- Tricking The Enemy While Falling Back

    This is a very rare tactic, that I know of, and isn't as applicable to Combat Arms specifically. Suppressing Fire is shooting your gun not to kill your opponent (although that is preferable, he may be behind the wall) but to keep him from advancing onto you are an injured teammate. For example, think of the ledge on Sand Hog. Your on Bravo, and you go up the ladder, through all the rubbage, and you begin walking down the ledge. You and an enemy meet at the corner and you start firing at each other. Neither of you kill each other, but you now have low HP due to the confrontation. You want to retreat to more cover, but your worried your enemy will pop back out to finish the job. While walking backward, burst fire your gun at the wall near your enemy until you reach more cover. That is suppressive fire.

    (FLANKING)- 2n1 On A Unfair Suituation Etc
    In this game, flanking is a number one tactic of a near absolute kill on your side. Flanking is when two or more of your team approaches an enemy. If you are light vesting, you should be flanking from behind the enemy, and heavy vesters from the front. It is difficult to do without a little team communication, or you can just watch the scoreboard leader or runner-up on your team's movements.


    1. Make Sure The Lowest Person With Health Is Behind Covering Closely
    2. Look Out For Your Buddy
    3. Use Flanking As A Advantage To Kill Campers
    4. If Moving Into Enemy Spawn make Sure The Leader Is Using An Gun And Behinds Are Ready To Gernade The Spawn Area And The Leader Covers Them

    Ok Well Camping Is Like Spawn Killing Or What So Ever Lets See Your On The Roof Right? Then Theres A Dude In The Spawn Area Snipe That Dude And Then Run To Somewhere you can see Your Prevouise Snipe Spot And The Spawn Area (YOU DONT NEED A SNIPER IM USING IT AS A BASIC THING YOU CAN USE SCOPED GUNS) IF This Fella Comes Up To Look For You Near Your Prevoiuse Camp Spot Just Snipe Him And Keep Moving But I Reccomend To Snipe Them In Spawn Area Ofcourse They Will FInd You Moving Around Etc


    1 Get Your Normal Guns Ready
    2 Place Mines Around Your Camping Spots Or Enterys Into Your Spot You'll See it In here
    3 Get Light Weight Vest With Good Protection Look In Protection Section
    4 When Somone Spawn Wait A Few Secconds before Shooting At Them This Is Because They Cant Be Killed In Thier Few Secconds In Spawning

    (Mpgh's People Tips)

    heres 1 use the m6he frag grenade cuz better damage and range
    if they can see it they are dead or damaged pretty much

    I Will Add More Soon So If You Want Your Tips Ill be Happy To Add Them To The Mpgh's People Tips
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    ..... i never said i owned this i put some of my own in just read properly next time

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