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    New Public Hacks

    ok i know u guys might call me a noob or whatever i dont really care im just woundering why is it taking so long for hacks. when they used to be patched they would have a new hack out in about a week. now that *** is down there are no public hacks and its kinda making me mad. also they are taking the time to come up with new rules and stuff blah blah blah where are the hacks. i play legit and i am very good but i want my damn hacks like yall do so call it what u want i say its bullshit we have been waiting for a fucking long time isnt that the reason we r here im not saying ur not working on them and im not trying to rush but by the time u come out with a new public hack a patch will be out the next day. so u might as well make to of em.

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    noob i hate post like this
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