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    Thumbs up *Combat Arms Bot*

    Hey Everyone,

    I have had these Bots for a while now, from another forum I used to go on. They are basically simple bots with many cool features like: Auto-Clicker, Bunny-Hop etc.



    • Click on the link below for a download page where you can download the bots + their Notepad info files.

    • Save 1 or both (1.2 or 1.3) to your desktop.

    • Read the bot's notepad document to understand how to use it.

    • Run the bot.

    • XP users just run normally. Vista Users "run as administrator."

    • There are 2 different bots, 1 of them has a little more options. Just test both out to see which one you like, if you like both keep both!

    *PLEASE be sure to download the Notepad files, because they have guidelines as to how to use the bots.*


    Virus Scan:

    • Bot version 1.2:

    Virustotal. MD5: c77b2e6ee581c11701ccbe17b8acd1db Suspicious File

    • Bot version 1.3:

    Virustotal. MD5: 457cea2dfe5e4146f41cb1d67fa8dbc1 Backdoor.Generic!IK Backdoor.Generic


    Please THANK me if i helped. If anything is wrong, please tell me in your post


    Click Down There For download.
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    Nice, some of these are recent, others are old, but otherwise, still work for me.

    I haven't been on here in 4 years...

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