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    Please do not post apps that've been encrypted\packed or stream excutable code.

    If you are going to post any hacks or applications, please assure you do not present them in their packed form, and that they do not stream executable data from a server. Our moderators will have a hard time analyzing these executable for malicious code, or using a virus scanner against them. If you must post anything that is protected in any form, please contact a moderator, and provide an unprotected version of the binary file. The moderator will then encrypt it with whichever you wish it to be encrypted with, along with additional information that may or may not be provided. Please provide a good reason for this protection. If the moderator does not wish to provide this service, they do not have to.

    Protected means(but not limited to) :
    IATs are unreadable or destroyed.
    Executable streams data that is personal and\or is executed.
    Code segment is encrypted, damaged, or are run via a VM.
    Wrappers are used

    This will help protect you, the users have a safer and more enjoyable time here at MPGH.

    Enjoy the rest of your day, Jetamay from MPGH staff.
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