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    in the magical box

    Exclamation fly hacks release date (please remoce this if this post is against the rules im sorry

    ok some of you dont believe me tht i have a fly hack coming out but this is no lie if i get 300 thank on my other post ima give u fly hacks but if i get 100 more ima give u other hacks ima post a vid up in like 3 days dont be happy becasue it might take up more time cause im bust with school and the are updated today u guess.

    ok here is deathroom:

    more pics:

    more pic!:

    more death room fly hacks:

    ok u see me with scar l black right look up my name on and ull see my gun expired but check my guns i used i got it from nx mystery box and tht is new so im not lieing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by josereyes213 View Post
    lol.. did you really have to post that he called me an assclown.
    but yea if you show me you flying man i will stop saying thats its fake and its that other site
    just add me and show me
    Dude...most of us here hack. We all get called names :P

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