On wednesday through to Thursday there is going to be a new patch. This is what is in it:

For 4/29, another dangerous mission has been added to the roster... Operation: Showdown is going to take you soldiers into the heart of a gun smuggling ring in coastal China. Don't worry, Central Command is providing a whole new set of weapons, boosts, and supplies to ensure your survival. Good luck, brave men and women of CA... you're going to need it.

New NX Weapons & Gear
-- PSG-1 MOD Sniper Rifle
-- Supply Case PSG-N (with a chance at the ultra-rare PSG-1 MOD CAMO)
-- Supply Case P90-N (with a chance at the ultra-rare P90TR SE)
-- M4A1 SOPMOD Assault Rifle and L96A1 Black-Magnum added as new exclusive weapons for the Supply Crate MYST-N
-- Default Primary Weapon Change - AK-47
-- Default Primary Weapon Change - M4A1
-- Default Primary Weapon Change - SR25
-- Default Primary Weapon Change - MP5A4
-- Bonus GP Pass (25%) -- Earn an extra 25% GP with this pass active!
-- Bonus EXP Pass (25%) -- Earn an extra 25% EXP with this pass active!

New GP Weapons & Gear

-- PSG-1 Sniper Rifle available at rank Master Sergeant IV
-- The rare PSG-1 CAMO available through the Supply Case SR

New Servers

-- The new Delta server is the battleground for the most elite of elite operators. You may be good, but here, you'll find out if you're really the best of the best.

In order to fight on Delta, you'll have to:
-- be ranked Sergeant First Class 1 or higher
-- have a KDR of 1.5 or higher

The rewards for fighting on Delta are great. Matches on Delta will reward our most hardened soldiers with a 40% EXP boost and a 20% GP boost. Stats for action on Delta will be tracked separately on your web Player Profile for visible bragging rights.

-- Also a new Black Market server -- a special channel for customers of the Black Market. If you have spent 15,000 NX or more in the Black Market, you'll automatically be eligible to enter.

Also 2 more channels to both alpha and bravo.

Plz don't flame. I'm just helping people who want to know whats new.