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    Find and delete your viruses if you downloaded Leaked Private hack [WORKING]

    Basically here is how to use it...

    Download from here https://www. m e d i a f i r e .com/?rq2kmozyiwm , its 40 MB in the .rar and about 95 MB uncompressed

    1. Extract the folder to your desktop

    2. Open it and click scan

    3. choose the areas that you want scanned

    4. Sit back and wait for it to find the viruses, right click and there will be options on how to treat it (disinfect, delete, ect)

    Screen shot - [img=]

    Thank me if i helped!

    Edit: This is a helpful program for getting rid of viruses but it is not the way to get rid of this one, I will make a new topic.
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