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    [Release] Working Public Hack w/ Chams, wallhack, no fog... (6/1/09)

    I know this has been posted before but with this tutorial is it guaranteed to work.


    Color (DCs after 2 game)
    Wallhack (Working fully no DC)
    Crosshair (Working fully no DC)
    Full Bright (Working fully no DC)
    No Fog (Working fully no DC)


    1) Download the hack and put the Public folder in Combat Arms Folder. (Put it as a folder there)
    2) Right click combat arms launcher and choose Properties. Click Compatibility Tab then.
    3) On the compatibility mode, choose Windows 95.
    4) When it says Waiting for Engine.exe, then open combat arms.
    5) When it shows login screen, press INSERT to enable the hack. After you did that, press insert again to close the menu.
    6) Login and enjoy the hack. Make sure that you do NOT press insert again otherwise it will crash..


    The color hack works only for 2 games so I suggest using Wallhack which is practically the same also..


    Q) The hack didn't work for me.
    A) Retry Step 3 this way. On the compatibility mode, choose Windows XP (Service Package 2) and check the box.

    Q) I get disconnect after 5 min?

    1. A) Make sure you don't enable Color hack.
    2. A) Make sure that the d3d9.dll is in the same folder as the hack folder (Public). DO not put in Combat Arms folder.

    Q) It says "Could not inject" error.

    1. If you are Vista User or WIndows 7, Make sure you run the hack as admin. Retry a couple of times if you need to.
    2. If you are WIndows XP user, I suggest retrying couple of times or restart pc if you need to..

    Q) I use Norton Antivirus and the .dll files is deleted automatically..
    A) yes, it happened to me also, i just turned off my norton.

    Players Tips & Positive Comments:

    Quote Originally Posted by -SKULL3000- View Post
    It Works For Me
    I Ran It Compatibility With Windows 95,
    Then I Ran The Hack As Admin
    And Turned Off UAC.
    Also Renamed The .dll To Skype So It Wouldn't Be Detected.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wax View Post
    Works, Follow what he says to do then rename the "hack.dll" to "Skype.dll", and rename the "hack.exe" to "Skype" aswell, i also renamed the folders "Public" to "Skype", Thanks
    Quote Originally Posted by blark773 View Post
    turn off ur antivirus, if you get hack.dll could not be found. Did not use this, but that should work..

    thank me.
    Quote Originally Posted by m3 View Post
    How to disable detection for virus protection in the Windows Security Center in Windows XP
    This is how to disable Window's virus protection.

    I'm not sure what to do, try updating any runtimes and the such (e.g. NET framework), try updating your DirectX. If this doesn't help go on IRC and ask someone there.

    Quote Originally Posted by RPB93 View Post
    then dont come to the thread just to flame. leave choob.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mat17 View Post
    Ok thanks an087535 but your's hacks dont works for us ... I'll thank you

    Thank him too guys
    Quote Originally Posted by thinkyo View Post
    UAC - User Account Control
    It's only in Vista

    If you need more information check google
    Quote Originally Posted by milkshakeftw View Post
    This has been really helpful. It works perfectly. Thank you!
    Quote Originally Posted by 911isback View Post
    nice! it makes me lag a lil but who doesnt love a good hack?
    Quote Originally Posted by headsup View Post
    YO THANKS MAN worked for me played 3 games and pwned while 2 guyz called me a hacker lol great no d/c yet anyway so ima thank u... here r the screenshots pretty hard to c where u r going but better than nothing
    Quote Originally Posted by loop2g View Post
    Very nice thanks for gettin this out to the public, just logged a few hours in on it. when i turned it on it told my screen rez and set the crosshair accordingly after logging in. This was the first hack I tried to use and its cool, Thanks.
    Quote Originally Posted by RandomnessBoi View Post
    Thanks! This works but it gets Injector Failed Sometimes But only occasionally.
    Quote Originally Posted by SgtMiclan View Post
    It's alright, sucks that chams D/C and that Snow Valley is so messed up...but better than nothing. Thanks.

    Screenshot Proofs:

    Virus Scan:

    VirusTotal - Free Online Virus and Malware Scan - Result

    Please don't say its a virus for this false positives. Packed with Themedia.

    Leave a thanks for posting this and making this handwritten tutorial.
    and I might post video guide and proof...
    Last edited by Ian; 06-02-2009 at 02:07 PM.

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    It doesn't work at my computer i am using windows vista 64 bit
    when i want to start the hack it says Could not find 'Hack.dll'
    could somebody pls helpme fast


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