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    Exclamation Combat Arms Terminology.

    These are some terms frequently used in Combat Arms.

    Ace - Occurs in clan matches, when a single player of one team kills all players on the opposing team in a single round.

    AFK - Refers to "Away From Keyboard". This generally means they are away from their computer, or not paying attention to the current game in Combat Arms, or have left the computer for a while as a status sign. However it is to be noted that those who appear to be AFK may as well just be lagging.

    Aimbot - A script made for hacking and altering game code so that at the click of a button, a player may have their crosshairs placed on the enemies head, thus giving an unfair advantage to the player. Resulting in instant head shots. Aimbotting is against the rules of Combat Arms.

    AP - Stands for "Armor Points", it diminishes as you take damage from bullets and nades.

    Ammo - Short for "Ammunition". This can vary between the gun being used, or overall ammunition left.

    AWP/AWM - Basically, the L96A1 sniper rifle.

    Baddie - Pretty self explanatory, again, could refer to someone with a negative and/or 'bad' score, or someone who is lacking of knowledge in game.

    Black Market - The part of Combat Arms in which players may purchase special weapons, gear, and other things using Nexon Points, purchased from the Nexon corporation.

    Blatant - Another word for 'obvious', could be referring to someone cheating or glitching etc.

    Boosting - A strategic move. Boosting is when you use another person to essentially "step on their head" to reach higher ground, safe spots, or sniping spots. It can also be used to get to certain areas of the map in less time than normal.

    BR - Means someone is Brazilian. Often used as an insult.

    BRB - Refers to the English terminology "Be Right Back", where someone is notifying that they are leaving the computer, but will be back shortly.

    Camp - This means someone (a 'Camper') or a set of players ('Campers') who are stationary in one part of the map for extended periods of time on purpose to gain the territorial advantage on anyone attempting to pass through or take on the player/team. Often shunned by the community, but easily a strategy used by the highest of skill.

    Carry - A 'carry' occurs when one player is the deciding factor in whether a team wins or loses, people why carry tend to have alot more kills and alot less deaths then anyone else in game.

    Chams - The use of "Chameleon Skins", solid color skins on players, players are a certain color behind a wall, and then a different color when in the open, giving the player the advantage of seeing them easily.

    Clan - Rather, a "Team" of people who play together, sometimes against other clans, there are different arrays of clans, some who play with a professional style, some who play for fun.

    Clutch - The process of winning an obscured match up, usually in Search and Destroy, where one player is outnumbered by the rest of the surviving enemy team. Clutching can range from 1v2 - 1v5 (in regulation 5v5 matches), 1v5 being the best clutch.

    Crosshair - The small 'plus' displayed in the middle of the screen when holding an automatic weapon, used to aim most guns, also used in many other FPS games.

    CTF - An abbreviation for "Capture the Flag". A game mode in Combat Arms where each teams have a fixed flag somewhere in the map that the enemy must try and capture, then take back to their base, rounds can go anywhere from 3 to 7 points.

    Dodge - Technically means 'avoiding'. A player can be 'dodging' by avoiding a team view request, or perhaps avoiding a scrim with a better team.

    GF - Refers to the phrase "Good Fight". Is to be a respectful compliment to the person you've killed, or were killed by in saying it was a good, or hard fight for the both of you. Is loosely used for generally anything to make oneself feel superior.

    GG - An abbreviation for "Good Game". Meaning a good match or round was played. This is generally used by those who either think it was a good game, or out of common game courtesy.

    GH - Term used in Clan battles, Meaning "Good Half".

    Glitching - A bannable offense, used to define someone who has deliberately put themselves into a wall or a box, making them able to shoot out of it, but still be protected by the wall or box. Stay away from generally glitchy areas to avoid being trapped in one, or killed by someone in one.

    God Mode - A hack which enables the user to take infinite damage from bullets, nades and falling damage. Recently said to be 'permanently patched' by Nexon. God Moders would have 100 HP/AP at all times, though HP may read 0.

    Hacker - A person who uses third-party programs or game altering code to give the player an unfair advantage against other players in the game, hacking can be anything from seeing through walls, to flying in the air, from having unlimited health, to OPKing, and so forth.

    Hitbox - Most people have the wrong idea of what a hitbox really is. Thrown around loosely as a glitch or hack, it is really a little invisible box around a player that detects whether or not your bullet hit.

    HP - Short for "Health Points" or "Hit Points", once these run out you are dead. There is currently no way to regain health after you lose it without dieing.

    LGC - "Legit Gaming Club", the club in which legit players may join and play in their moderated private games.

    Mercenaries - A character skin purchased from the Black Market using Nexon Cash. The six of them are Mei, Zadan, Deckland, Kamara, Hana and Baron. Upon purchase, you are granted with either 10,000GP for the 7 day or 50,000GP for the 30 day. No vests or camo may be worn while a mercenary is equipped.

    Newb - Short for someone who is new to the game and thus has limited experienced or knowledge with game controls, maps, and game modes. This is different from Noob, as it isn't used as an insult as much as Noob is.

    Nexon - The company who produces combat arms.

    Nexowned - Occurs while running up stairs, walking, jumping, basically doing anything, causes you to randomly 'die' for no reason at all.

    Ninja - To be extremely sneaky in such a way as to give you an advantage over your enemy by using terrain, speed, or anything else in game to your advantage.

    Ninja Defuse - Occurs in SnD matches, when Alpha plants the bomb, a member of bravo hides until the bomb has been planted, he then moves directly towards the bomb and defuses when the enemies have moved away or are looking outside of the site. Extremely rare and hilarious.

    Noob - A loosely used term, could mean anything from somebody who is negative in score, to someone that says something completely untrue. Variations include "Newb, n00b, neeb, narb and nub". A Noob could also be someone who is new to the game, in less insulting terms.

    No Reg - When your bullets do not register within the hitbox. This is caused by latency issues

    NS - Means "nice shot" or "nice scope".

    OMG - Refers to the phrase "Oh My God". Can be used to excrete a range of emotions in-game such as anger, frustration, happiness..etc.

    OPK - Some say it means different things, "Over Power Kill", "One Player Kill", One Position Kill", either is technically correct. OPKing is the process of using game altering code to drag all players and their hitboxes to one area of the map, making it easy to kill them, as they are all standing in the same spot. Also known to be one of the most lame ways to cheat at Combat Arms.

    Professional - A word thrown around too easily in Combat Arms, a professional can cover all aspects of the game with an above average skill level, excellent teamwork and a taste for blood. Abbreviated to "Pro" most times.

    QC - Means someone is from Quebec. Also used as an insult.

    QS - Means "quick shot" or "quick scope"

    QQ - Commonly refered to as crying. As the saying goes "less QQ more pewpew!"

    Recoil - Occurs while shooting, gun 'bounces' upwards due to the velocity of the weapon. Recoil differs between weapons.

    Samurai - Someone who rushes and gets multiple kills quickly while just using melee. Samurai's are some of the most skilled players around.

    Scrub - Close to "Noob", meaning low in rank or skill, also may refer to clans as 'scrub clans' meaning the clan is low in skill or their members are low in rank.

    SnD - Short for "Search and Destroy", it is one of the game modes offered in Combat Arms, there are two bomb sites, one team is forced to attempt to plant the bomb while the other team defends, popular among clans.

    Spread - When shooting, a gun will have a spread effect where the bullets will go from side to side, control this by bursting or tapping your mouse when shooting.

    Swifty - Someone who gets to places on the other teams side, quicker than the opposing force can.

    WOGL - Stands for "World Online Gaming League".

    Thank me if you enjoyed
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