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    [Suggestion] Simple Chams/Wallhack

    We don't need anything fancy, such as aimbot, no spread, no sky, no fog, bright chars, etc. if we have chams and wallhack.

    With chams you get that bright character model you need, and with the wallhack.. well, duh.. you see the enemy and your team members through walls and can pre-aim at their head, therefore killing them before their whole body gets around that corner (can act as aimbot (headshot) if you're good enough).

    Now currently, there is a pub hack out.. that, undoubtedly, will be patched in the upcoming patch.

    I also suggest that the creator of said hack release that hack "privately" through e-mail. Letting others leech his hack only THROUGH e-mail transfer.

    How would this work?
    Simple.. The creator makes a thread with a title of, let's say, "PM to E-mail!" and a body of.. "If you want something () for [game], PM me your e-mail address and I can send it to you asap."

    After that a mod/admin of the site, knowing what this means, should lock the thread so no one can post stupid comments, such as, "What is this certain "thing"?"..

    Granted, this will not completely STOP the game developers to patch the hack, but hopefully it will slow the process of finding the hack. It will also prevent noobs from getting hacks, so they can go and tell everyone, "Hey! I GOT A HACK FOR MY GAME!! YAY!!!".. because as we know, everyone wants that to happen..

    Any thoughts on this suggestion?
    Please no flame saying, "That's stupid!".. proving your a epic fail noob and you don't know what the fuck I'm talking about
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    Continued Later...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obama View Post
    Your cousin should work for mpgh.
    why his cousing?
    is his brother who codes XD

    and for the thread starter... It hink emailing the hack to everyone asking for it would be to much damn emailing... just think how many will ask fo rit... and if someone just says "hey guys I have a new hack, pm and Ill send it to your email..."
    It easily could be a virus and no one will know till his computer is infected

    Your idea is great, but people sometimes have ill intentions

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