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    Cool How To Legitly OPK. (Tapping)

    This is how to Legit OPK or otherwise known as Tapping. Tapping can be very useful during S&D games... and Spy Hunt games... So Lets get to it though


    1. 1) Make sure you have a wire bringing your internet To your computer... ( This will not work with Wrieless computers.)
    2. Make the wire of your cable easy to reach. ( I just turned my computer around to have te wires in the back)
    3. Now get in GOOD GAME. And once your in a good spot. Do this:
    4. 1) Unplug your Ethernet cable Just slightly so you can Push it back in fast when your done You only have about 10-25 seconds to do the tapping... 25 seconds is pushing it...
    5. Go around and kill every one you see
    6. Once your done shove your ethernet cable back in and boom!
    7. You have just done the Legt OPK... Tapping!

    Side Effect:
    There are two side effects to doing this. One of them is cuased by leaving the cable out to long and the other one always happens.

    Leaving the cable out to long: You won't beable to reconnect once you put it in and will be stuck in the game

    The one that always happens: This one will mkae it so that, after you finsh the game, you will be stuck in the same room and will not be able to switch. You have to close Combat Arms. That is why I only suggest doing this in a Spy Hunt Game or a Search and Distroy game. Mostly Spy hunt becuase you get mejor EXP in good long games when you Tap the Super Spy.

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    This has been posted hundreds of times.

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