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    How to Earn Nexon Cash

    Hi everyone, I'm here to refer lots of you to a site that you can complete offers in order to buy prizes such as Nexon cash, so you can buy heaps of Combat Arms junk. So, if referring isn't allowed for this site, sorry, I probably didn't read any of your rules and stuff, but this site is perfectly legal and is sponsored by the ads that we complete. If you believe this website is fake, view their testimonials and you will see hundreds of pictures that verify the website.

    1. Go to Prize Rebel: https://www.prize, which is my referral link to the site. (W/o the space)
    2. Sign up for an account and validate your email address.
    3. Download Roboform, which completes offers quickly.
    4. Go here to generate fake details for your Roboform detail: Fake Name Generator - Generate a New Name
    5. Fill out your roboform detail.
    6. 6. Click on "View Available Offers" and do offers quickly via Roboform.
    7. You should also refer people to the website as I did, by clicking on "Referrals" or "Referral Banners" to get bonus points from the people you referred.
    8. Build up 9 Prize Rebel points to buy the Nexon FunCard that gives $10 in Nexon Cash.
    9. You can also pend "Custom Prizes", which are prizes not yet available in the Prize Rebel prize offer store, and buy things like toys and stuff.

    If you have any further questions, please ask me. I know that my Post Count is awfully low and I joined today, but I've been in this website for months, but for some reason my old account can't post posts. This is NOT a scam. (Prize Rebel is censored, I'm guessing I'm not allowed to talk about this?)
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    Dont worry about it
    This has been posted hundreds of times, cheats this website out of money and is an advertisement.

    Thread closed
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