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    [Guide] Mele Weapons

    Sharpe’s LEGIT Combat Arms Guide
    Chapter 1: GP Weapons
    Section 6: Mêlée Weapons

    This guide is going to be very short because I do not see the point of upgrading mêlée weapons other than to the Bowie Knife.

    Knife: 2 hit kill, bad ROF, lightest weapon except for Grenade. Overall: 4/5.

    Shovel: 2 hit kill, 1 hit kill secondary, slowest ROF (very slow), only use was for snowball fight but that was like 1/2 year ago. Kinda slows you down. Overall: 1.5/5.

    Sickel: Your best regarding naon-requirement mêlée weapons. The sickle is a 2 hit kill with a high ROF and a 70 or 80 damage secondary. Does not noticeably slow you down. Overall: 4.5/5.

    Kuri: Like the same thing as the shovel. Do not buy unless you like the shovel. Overall: 1/5.

    Bowie Knife: 2 hit kill primary with quick 1 hit kill secondary. Light but has a rank requirement. Best mêlée weapon, in my opinion. Overall: 4.7/5.

    Tomahawk: 2 hit kill weapon, most powerful in game, I don’t know about secondary but I would imagine it is 1 hit kill. Slows you down slightly. Overall: 4/5.

    I have closed this thread because I am tired of getting BS from everyone who does not agree with me.
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