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    [Guide] Machine Guns

    Sharpe’s LEGIT Combat Arms Guide
    Chapter 1: GP weapons
    Section 5: Machine Guns

    MK48: The most powerful machine gun. This gun boasts a three or four hit kill, I am not exactly sure, and has devastating recoil, but because of it’s low (the lowest in it’s class) recoil, it is easy to control. As with all machine guns, the accuracy is very low, as low/lower than the Uzi. With Extended Magazine 2, this gun boasts a 150 round clip and it is recommended to get the Extended Magazine 2 because the only time that you will have to reload is behind cover after you exterminated the whole team. As with all machine guns, it’s weight will significantly slow you down so try to get a light vest. NEVER JUMP-SHOOT WITH MACHINE GUNS. I don’t like machine guns, especially this one, so I don’t recommend it for any map but if I were going to use it on any map, it would be Junk Flea because of the accuracy problem. Overall: 2/5.

    M60: The gun that most OPKer’s use. This gun is one of the two ‘average’ machine guns meaning that it has average power and average ROF. I don’t use machine guns that much, and I only bought this one for a day to try out, and it seems like the MK48 but with just lower recoil and higher ROF. Still has the same bad accuracy. I don’t recommend it for any map but if I were going to use it on any map, it would be Junk Flea because of the accuracy problem. It may be capable of medium-range maps such as Warhead, but that is even a stretch. Overall: 2.5/5.

    K3: The only machine gun that was actually descent, this gun kills in four shots and has the ROF of M4A1. So yeah, it’s pretty much the same thing as the M4A1 with regards to ROF and accuracy but it is a lot heavier and has significantly less accuracy. If you lag, do not buy this gun or any machine gun because for some reason, machine gun ROF is significantly slowed down when you lag. The only reason that I would slightly recommend this gun is because of the power, ROF and clip size which is good for getting unbelievables. Overall: 3.2/5.


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