Sharpe’s LEGIT Combat Arms Guide
Chapter 1: GP weapons
Section 4: Shotguns & Other

SPAS-12: A semi auto shotgun with moderate recoil, moderate power and moderate accuracy. This is one of the two semi-auto shotguns in the game and it is at it’s peek with a light vest. Overall, I do not like this gun for the sole reason that it is a three hit kill which is the same thing as the AK47. So…you could have the fully automatic, scope equitable assault rifle or the shotgun-accuracy SPAS-12 which has the ROF of the M14. If Nexon did not make shotguns primary weapons, this would be a bad gun in comparison to the other shotguns, but still better than a pistol. If you use this, use it on Junk Flea or Grey Hammer where you can do sneak-attacks and it may be a 2 hit kill if you shoot in the back then. Overall: 2/5.

M590 Military: [In my opinion,] the best shotgun in the game. This gun is a 2 hit kill anywhere on the map, yes, at close quarters it is not a 1 hit kill, I know it sucks. As you would expect from a 2 hit kill shotgun, this is a pump-action shotgun that has the lowest ROF of all of the shotguns except the double barrel. This gun takes pretty much no skill to use, if you have a low sensitivity, know when and how to jump-shoot and don’t use it as your only weapon, you will be good. Aim for the head while using this because of it’s low ROF. Recommended that you get the Extended Magazine I, not II because II just takes too long to reload. WARNING: you will be called a ‘shotty noob’ if you use this gun as your main weapon in a match. WARNING: Some elite mod rooms are titled ‘no shotty/LAW’ or ‘No shotty’. DO NOT GO INTO THESE ROOMS, DON’T THINK THAT YOU WON’T GET KICKED BECAUSE YOU WILL, TRUST ME, I LEARNED THE HARD WAY. Recommended for your half of the map because people on that side will already have low health so you can get a 1 hit kill. Use on maps like Junk Flea and other CQC maps, can be mildly useful on all other maps except for Snow Valley because all of those maps have CQC areas in them. Overall: 8.5/10.

Double Barrel: Do not get this gun, even at point blank, a double shoot in the back will not kill them if they are at full health. Reload will get you killed and then you will just be spraying and you will die. The accuracy on this gun is horrible, it has the biggest spray zone of all the shottys and it will take like 3 reloads to kill someone and by that time you will be dead. Overall: 1/10

Saiga 20K: Have not unlocked yet, will do review on it when I unlock.

RB88 (or whatever the last one is called): A cheap version of the M590 Millitary. This gun is a two or three hit kill, depends where you shoot, this gun just fails. DUN BUY IT, EVEN IF YOU ARE A RECRUIT. Overall: .1/10

LAW: Pretty much just a rocked launcher. Barely do you get a 1 hit kill with this gun unless you are like super accurate aimbot person who hits them dead on point. This gun is the only gun that can do damage through walls so it is good for killing glitchers. It’s prety worthless because of the first thing that I said and because of the fact that it only comes with three rockets. It could be useful to shoot into skirmishes where the players only have a few HP left anyways. If you use this, you can use it on any map, it doesn’t matter. I don’t recommend it but that’s just my opinion. Overall: 1.5/5.

PS: I have had enough of this ‘LOL! RB88 doesn’t suck you just know nothing!’ Everyone is going to have one or two guns that they like and the majority of people do not. It’s called having a preference. This is what the majority of people think. The majority of people think that the M590 Military is the best shotty. Most people think that the RB88 sucks. Most people think the SPAS-12 sucks. So don’t be going around saying that I know nothing because I have been playing CA since open beta so I know more than you do. Thread closed for this reason

Thank me!!!