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    [Guide] NX Weapons

    Sharpe’s LEGIT Combat Arms Guide
    Chapter 2: NX weapons
    Section 1: This is the only section

    I have not tried out many NX weapons, only the L96A1 Arctic Wolf, the M416 CQB, PSG-1 Camo, M590 Mariners, G36E Valkarie and the SCAR-L Trispear.

    L96A1 Arctic Wolf: A great overall gun. This is the same thing as the L96A1 but with an integrated silencer. It still kills in 1 hit, anywhere on the body. If you look at all the good sniper montages, you will see that all of the players are using this gun. The L96A1 Arctic Wolf seems way more accurate and has slightly less sway, but that is just me. It also has a faster reload after each shot. I love this gun, it is so kick ass. Use on any map. Overall: 4.9/5.

    M416 CQB: The best gun in the game. Since all NX weapons are ridiculously unbalanced, this is possible. This gun comes with an integrated grip, which reduces recoil, and a iTECH scope that reduces it even more. What does this mean? A PRACTICLY NO RECOIL AR. That’s right, this gun is deadly accurate and it has practically no recoil!!!! It kills in 4 hits but that doesn’t matter because with the recoil, you will already get the kill in like 2 seconds. Sound too good to be true? Buy it for yourself and see just how awesome this gun really is. Overall: 5/5.

    PSG-1 Camo: The same thing as the PSG-1: same bad scope, same 5 round clip, same 2 hit kill with good accuracy. The only thing different is that it has a camo paint to it. Overall: 2/5.

    M590 Mariners: Same thing as the M590 Military shotgun but with a silver appearance. Overall: 4.9/5

    G36E Valkarie: Same thing as G36E but with a sick design. Overall: 4.5/5.

    SCAR-L Trispear: You guessed it, same thing as the SCAR-L assault rifle but with a G36E Valkarie-like paint to it. Overall: 4/5.

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