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    Exclamation 7-16-09 I got the X-Fire Hacks to work (Injection Failed Error)

    for those of you who have read any of my posts i've had a lot of problems getting hacks to work on my pc.. windows xp home edition... ddd555's aimbot, legify's and drgn's hack packs and quite a few others.. Here's what i did:

    1) i followed the recently added thread about getting bypass cHz.dll unpatched.
    "delete CAV.exe, endingbanner.exe, and rwdata2.bin from the CA folder along with any and all debug reports (.txt files) then the 2 files named v3warpds.v3d in the HShield folder.. easy enough.

    once doing so i was able to see for myself that the TNT hack.dll + d3d9.dll does indeed work, with one small problem for me.. the characters werent the only things red and blue, everything was.. so...

    2) i tried the x-fire hacks (posted many times on this forum). "Injection Successful" <<< a very first for me.. once in game i turned on Full Bright, No Fog, Crosshair, and Wall Hack.. didnt work at all.. plus i dc'd after about 10 seconds.

    3) im too stubborn to let this go, so i got the idea to not only run the x-fire hacks that inject the specified files but i ran PerX at the same time to run the Bypass.dll.. SUCCESS!!! it works.. if somebody would point me to a video capture program i would love to show this out..


    913982499 for the bypass unpatched thread
    r3k0n for the working x-fire hack.. specifically the .rar file he uploaded not the .zip
    GahNades and everyone else who posted the working Bypass.dll

    \/ \/ \/ \/ SCREENIES UPLOADED!!!

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    Nice job. Thanks for the info.

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