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    Okay, now here are some things to do when your CA is slow and you don't wanna get owned because you can't move or see. These steps are in no particular order and use at your own risk because you may delete something you want.

    1) Go to start, programs > accessories > disk cleanup > run that > fill all check boxes and continue. Should take around 10-20 minutes.

    2) Do the same as before but wen u click accessories, go to disk de-fragmenter. Run that, it should take around 4 hours.

    3) Go to CA folder, game, and remove the 4 texture files that are in a straight row.

    4) Go to CA folder and bgm, remove the music if you don't like it.

    5) Go to start menu, run, type %temp%, run it and delete all files, or delete the ones you can.

    6) Go to control panel >internet options > delete > click delete all.

    7) Press alt + ctrl + delete, and delete some useless processes.

    8) Make sure there are no other applications running.

    9) when you are in the lobby click options and set everything to low detail if you aren't using number 3.

    10) Restart your computer before playing CA.

    11) Play with less people or stay away from a crowd. The more ppl are beside u moving/shooting, the more you lagg. Keep your distance

    12) Download GameBooster. It gets rid of all of the unnecessary processes running in the background and makes your game run a lot smoother. Get that and more Here. I added Gamebooster attachment here's scan: Virustotal. MD5: 23adb518cc945c5000bca251047ab7c5

    13) Set CA to High priority by: Ctrl+Alt+Delete -> Combat Arms -> Processes -> Set priority -> High/Above normal

    14) Get a faster internet connection.

    15) Get more RAM/Better Graphics card

    Those are just a few techniques i have found useful with Combat Arms speed. they all help a little. All put together your computer will be like new for a while. Don't use disk de-fragmenter often, as it will screw up your computer. use it every month or 2. I may post more later.

    NOTE: number 3 helps a LOT but it has a disadvantage and an advantage in-game. advantage: being able to see players as an outstanding color. disadvantage: textures that involve cage fences,light,grass,ect r not see thru nemore. u can shoot thru them still but it is a huge seeing disadvantage.

    NOTE 2: now as u know, fireteam has been released. This game is big so it takes a while to load all textures. When i used number 3 after i downloaded the game again for that new patch, my load time for fireteam was cut in half. plus lag went down

    And it is a good idea to not play in places like rattlesnake if you are using number 3 because of the windows, grass, and water. u will get sniped there easily. also there r places in warhed and showdown that u shuld stay away from.

    ____________ADDED INFO_______________
    -USER: whitten001 - INFO - If all fails try buying an external hard drive. This can always give your computer more space to work with-
    -USER: Pancholandia - INFO - I would like to add that theres a web page called " Can you run it? " there you may check what is your PC missing or on what it needs some "new accesories". (my pc fail at all )-

    Don't forget to say THANKS! (or press the button under the post)

    Two more helpful links:

    Fuck *********.com
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    Download and run Advanced System Care, it helps alot.

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    Wow thanks this helped ALOT!

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    We already know most of this.

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