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    Smile lolz2much & kizz hackpack (wallhack,crosshair,hover)

    C'mon! 45 downloads and 3 thanks? C'mon! xD

    Hello! I've seen lots of people wanting to know if you can use hacks with lolz2much's hover hack. The answer is: YES! And here it is.

    1. Download the attached file below and extract to desktop.
    2. Cut and paste the the folder you want to put it in.
    3. Open PerX. Make sure it is injecting into Engine.exe
    4. Click the browse button and find the files. Make sure the files you're injecting are in this order: d3d9 - Kizz - Bypass
    5. Open the CA patcher. Click start game.
    6. Once the running person runs off the screen and the login screen comes up, alt+tab out of game and open the folder that lolz2much's hack is in and open it. DO NOT PRESS ANY HOTKEYS YET!!!
    7. Then go back to the game and log in. Once logged in, on your numpad press 2 and 3. This will enable crosshair (2) and wallhack (3).
    8. Choose a server and channel and start pwnin some peeps!

    NOTE: For Kizz's hacks, you can press 1 on your numpad (make sure numlock is on) for chams. Chams will dc when you try and join another game after you've used them. Keep pressing 1 ingame for different colours and 0 to go back colours. Delete turns on wireframe.
    IF THE HACKS DC YOU IN LIKE 1-2MINS GO TO my computer>local disc c>windows>system 32>find the d3d9 in that folder. Copy that and go to the folder you put the hacks in and delete that d3d9 and paste the one u found in system 32.
    For lolz2much's Hacks, to turn on hover, press f6. To turn it off, press f7. f8 turns on super glitch. I am not sure what that does, but i think its broken and its the same as f6, but test it, i might be wrong. Oh, and the hacks will D/C you in like 20 minutes or so. You can try different bypasses, but someone said they tried that and none work.

    kizzme_not - wall hacks
    lolz2much - hover hack
    v1kash - help with making this possible
    drgnforce9 - helping me a bit
    me (trex) - Putting it together xD

    If you want, you can go to the following links and thank the people for their hacks.
    For lolz2much's hacks you can go here:
    For kizzme_not's hacks you can go here:

    ALSO! I forgot to add: These work good if you use in windows XP compatibility mode. if u use XP just click the box so that the other options go grey!

    Virus scan: Virustotal. MD5: 9bde6f84d73e517aeb048cdf07fedba1 Riskware.Tool.inj.268800 SPR/Tool.inj.268800 Trojan.Agent.ATV
    Result: 5/42 (12.2%)

    I will be updating this when lolz2much releases the v1.5 version of his hacks which he said should be done today sometime.

    Thats it! If you need help, just ask! I'll be checking back every now and then. Also, if someone can tell me how to make a link like the ones above into a simple "Click Here" I would be very grateful. Also, if i made a mistake just post it and i will probably fix it. Thanks! xD
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