Dear *********.com member,

as you might have recognized, someone hacked into our provider's DNS database and
redirected the domain *********.com to some other webserver and this site actually
redirects to another hacking site.

We do not know who it was or why they did that, but until we fix the DNS thing
up again, please make sure to apply the following changes to your hosts file
which is located on c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts: www.*********.com *********.com

This is our _REAL_ IP address and until our provider finally fixes the DNS issue,
you can access our website after doing this small change.

I don't know right now how to provide proof that this is really our IP address since
the attacker redirected all our domain name records to his malicious site which is

================================================== =====================
================================================== =====================

Please do not use our support@*********.com e-mail address to get in touch
with us, the attacker has redirected mails to his server too and will
probably ask you for your passwords etc.

We will _NEVER_ ask you for your passwords and this will be the last mail
sent out from us for the next few days, please do not trust any e-mails
from *@*********.com and do not send any e-mails to *@*********.com for
the next few days until we post an announcement
on the forum that this issue has been taken care of.

If you need to contact us via e-mail, we have set up a new mail account
which is


You can use this e-mail address to get in touch with us if you do not
know how to modify your hosts file.

If you did apply the changes, you will be able to access our forums

Please note that there has been no security breach at our server or
anything in our database or whatever someone is telling you, the
only thing they did was to simply redirect the name to some other
IP address.

Finally, please do also note that we will not send out any further e-mail
regarding this issue, updates will only be available via the board.

*********.com Administrator

ROLLLS they want us to contact them Via a GMail account in the same e-mail as them telling me they got hacked !! lol......What a load of fools...