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    Exclamation 1 Helpful way to protect computer from viruses!

    I know, there is already a post like this, but it doesn't have this in it... This is somewhat helpful to some people, and some people probably know about this, idk...

    Usually noobs will post a virus scan with the wrong file...
    For example: the file hack name will be: Ownagehackwtf.rar or exe or w/e
    And the file in the virus scan would be like: 12345wtf.rar or exe or w/e...
    Although, the wrong file may have a lot of viruses, you still shouldn't trust it...
    Also, people will post the a fake virus scan by copying and pasting the virus scan, then removing the parts where it says virus, but they may keep ONE virus info on there..., so they can keylogg the fk out of you, cause this is a hack site, what do you expect...

    BTW: I have no screenshots, if this post isn't close by the time I make a screen shot of some noob doing it, then I will make it real quick...

    Please no flaming, I only made this post to help people stop falling for the noob viruses fags are posting just to get your combat arms information...

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