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    Arrow [Review] Quarantine mode

    Quarantine mode has been out for one day so far. Give me your review on this new mode whether you like it or not :] Here is my review on the new Quarantine mode

    Review: I think Quarantine mode is fairly addicting because it makes you want to win as a human if though it is almost impossible. Zombies are to overpowered it takes forever to kill them and their hp drops slowly. I mean with 450 hp [Correct me if I'm wrong] as a zombie its easier to kill 5 people in a regular ellimination match then it is to kill ONE Zombie. So if Nexon could just ease up on the power of the zombies it would be much easier. Oh yea they should add prizes too because of the effort it takes to pass even one round. So i give Quarantine mode a 7/10 for overall score.

    Note: Yes I'm a choob you got a problem with that?

    P.s: Its in green because obama favorite color is green just incase you guys and girls didn't know that

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    okay u ppl that say zombies need to be nerfed...wats the fun...u start off with 2 zombies and if they got nerfed everyone would kiill them...also the point of the game is to live not kill (unless u infected) so stop complaining about the zombies being over powered your not supposed to kill them all

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